Review: Hungry Girl Recipe Cards

Several weeks ago at the beginning of my diet I made a spur of the moment purchase.  You know, it caught my eye and I liked the idea that instead of a cookbook (book space being sparse in our house) they were a box of recipe cards.  I didn't think much on it.

Well, when I got home and began actually looking through them I found that most of the recipes (especially desserts) were useless to me because they call for artificial sweetener.

Frankly, although there are a few good sounding recipes in here there are also no brainer recipes that I thought everyone already knew of - like hotdogs wrapped in pillsbury crescent rolls.  I have to say that I do not find it worth the $17 I paid for it.

Really though, all the recipes with artificial sweetener are the worst part, so unless you are a fan of such poison I suggest skipping on purchasing this.

Star rating only a 1 out of 5

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