Friday, July 15, 2011

Green Tea Fat Burner

During the heat of summer I haven't felt much like drinking hot green tea during the day and I don't really like it cold, so instead I have been taking these green tea pills that I bought a while back.  Maybe it is my imagination, but I feel like they really work.  My weight seems to be coming off better the past week since I have been taking them even though there were a couple days in there that I went quite a bit over my daily limit of calories (like the already mentioned Olive Garden dinner).  Anyhow, I only take one per day most of the time - I think on the Olive Garden day I took two, one after breakfast and one after coming home from dinner.  I will continue with them and I am anxious to see if there are any really noticeable results and be sure that I will let you know if there are. :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh my!

Britton took me to The Olive Garden last night.  It isn't our favorite restaurant, but it is really close to our house and I love the Italian Margaritas!  I had meant to order the Chianti Braised Short Ribs, but for some reason I became confused and ordered the Steak Gorgonzola, which I do not really like very much.  So I had about half of that, salad, 2 breadsticks, a margarita and some sort of delicious chocolate cake for dessert.  Oh sure, I knew I was going over my daily calorie limit considering I had eaten breakfast that day, but I had no idea by how much!  When I added it all up today using My Fitness Pal it was just a little shy of 2000 calories and I only ate half of my actual meal!  Since I started dieting I have several times come close to using up all my calories (1200) in one meal if we eat out, but never have I went over that, especially not by 800.

That said, since we don't go out that often I totally refuse to not enjoy myself because I might go over on calories.  However, I will try to do a bit better than that in the future, not even so much because I might gain weight, but consuming that many calories in one sitting must be unhealthy on many levels.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beer and Bread

I pretty much behaved myself over the weekend except for a few tortilla chips and something that I almost never drink - beer.

We were at a friend's house, sitting outside chatting, couldn't really use the pool much because there was lightning most of the time we were there.  It was still a hot day and even though I normally don't care for it, beer sounded really good and it was some special Octoberfest beer.  As it turned out, it tasted good too and I drank two of them.

It was only later that I realized that beer and my body don't care for each other.  I feel the same after drinking beer as I do after eating some good thick white bread - like french bread.  I feel bloated and fat.  My belly actually looks fatter to me, although, according to the scale I seem to have lost a bit over the last week.  Both beer and white bread taste really good, but always end up making me feel icky later.

I think I will remember that and in the future it should be easier to stay away from at least those two things.  I will stick to my red wine and some occasional whole wheat bread (thinly sliced).

Onto something else - It is finally cooling down (somewhat) now that the monsoon season has arrived.  I hope to be back to exercising soon and provide some reviews of exercise DVDs.  I do yoga, pilates and tai chi and have quite a few fitness DVDs, some of which I have never tried.  Right now my favorite is a pilates DVD, even though I have never made it through more than 15 minutes without giving up. :-D

Review: Hungry Girl Recipe Cards

Several weeks ago at the beginning of my diet I made a spur of the moment purchase.  You know, it caught my eye and I liked the idea that instead of a cookbook (book space being sparse in our house) they were a box of recipe cards.  I didn't think much on it.

Well, when I got home and began actually looking through them I found that most of the recipes (especially desserts) were useless to me because they call for artificial sweetener.

Frankly, although there are a few good sounding recipes in here there are also no brainer recipes that I thought everyone already knew of - like hotdogs wrapped in pillsbury crescent rolls.  I have to say that I do not find it worth the $17 I paid for it.

Really though, all the recipes with artificial sweetener are the worst part, so unless you are a fan of such poison I suggest skipping on purchasing this.

Star rating only a 1 out of 5

10 Most Fattening Foods Of Summer

Pretty easy for me to not eat most of those, but I do need my fried chicken fix every once in a while. :-D
10 Most Fattening Foods Of Summer - Photos - KOAT Albuquerque

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weight-in Wednesday: Week 7 and 8

Would have posted, but nothing to report.  Nothing gained and nothing lost, yet again.  At least my floating 2 lbs seem to have finally disappeared.

Don't misunderstand, although, I would have liked some pounds lost - I am OK with not gaining any too.  Maybe next week.

Yesterday Brit and I went to Village Inn for breakfast.  Not only did I pig out on the meal, but Wednesdays are also free pie day.  Yeah, so I had a piece of cherry pie too.  When I got home I added the calories and found that I had used all except 200 in one meal!  I will be careful to not do that again.  I don't like going to sleep hungry.