Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not Counting

I weighed myself a day early this week and found I had lost another pound, bringing the total to 14!

I am shocked, but I seem to be losing weight easier by not counting calories.  Totally stopped counting three weeks ago and lost a pound each for the past two weeks.  I did count them daily for long enough that I now pretty much know what is full of calories and what isn't and I still avoid the big calorie foods.  The difference might be that I don't feel obligated to eat the 1200 recommended calories.

On My Fitness Pal if you don't eat the 1200 calories (or whatever the recommended calories are for you), even if it is only under by 5, it will warn you that you might not be getting enough nutrition.  Also, when it was near the end of my day, if I saw that I had only eaten 1000 calories I would feel obligated to eat 200 more, even if I wasn't the least bit hungry because I felt I was somehow depriving myself which made me feel hungry.  Eating when I am not hungry is just stupid, I don't care how few calories I had that day.

BTW, I do take vitamins because I realize that possibly I don't get enough nutrition.  However, I feel I probably get more nutrition than when I was stuffing my face with fried foods, sweets and cheese. :-D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For about the last week I have not been keeping track of what I eat.  Oh, I still have been careful, but not counting calories at all.  I haven't gained anything nor have I lost anything.  Personally, I think this has less to do with my eating than my lack of exercise.  Those first couple weeks I did really well.  One of those weeks I lost 5 lbs, but I also did extra exercise instead of just the normal daily dog walk.

I can whine about how I haven't had time, but really anyone can fit in an extra few minutes of excise a day and I have just been lazy and felt unmotivated.  Actually, right now I am at a good weight for my height - I just need to body shape more using exercise.  Hopefully I will feel more motivated soon before I start gaining again.