Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh my!

Britton took me to The Olive Garden last night.  It isn't our favorite restaurant, but it is really close to our house and I love the Italian Margaritas!  I had meant to order the Chianti Braised Short Ribs, but for some reason I became confused and ordered the Steak Gorgonzola, which I do not really like very much.  So I had about half of that, salad, 2 breadsticks, a margarita and some sort of delicious chocolate cake for dessert.  Oh sure, I knew I was going over my daily calorie limit considering I had eaten breakfast that day, but I had no idea by how much!  When I added it all up today using My Fitness Pal it was just a little shy of 2000 calories and I only ate half of my actual meal!  Since I started dieting I have several times come close to using up all my calories (1200) in one meal if we eat out, but never have I went over that, especially not by 800.

That said, since we don't go out that often I totally refuse to not enjoy myself because I might go over on calories.  However, I will try to do a bit better than that in the future, not even so much because I might gain weight, but consuming that many calories in one sitting must be unhealthy on many levels.

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