Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pop goes the weekend

Once again, on the weekend I have went over my calorie limit.  Damn weekends!

On Friday we went to see Super 8 and Britton bought popcorn.  Luckily it was small, but we all know the word small doesn't mean what it used to, so it was fairly large.  I knew it would mess up my daily calories, but I couldn't resist.  I just don't have much willpower if something like that is right there.

Then there were the few glasses of wine at dinner and before I knew it I was about 250 calories over.

I have been afraid to add up my calories for Saturday.

We all go to Applebees after our monthly UFO meetings.  That was OK because Applebees has a good low cal selection.  So I did alright there, but then I went to a friend's birthday party at a local pub and had 2 glasses of wine.  Still OK, but then when I came home Britton wanted to go out.  So more food and more wine.  As I said, I am afraid to add it up.  I am also afraid to weigh myself.  I feel bloated today and fatter than a couple days ago.

So I guess I am just going to live with the assumption that on the weekends I am likely to totally blow my diet and try adding some extra exercise during the week and hope that it will all even out.


  1. I'm in the same boat right now; overdid past few days. I don't eat gluten, and found gluten free cookies, and low cal frozen yogurt, which is fine, but not if you eat too much, except I ate too many, and then too much quina (or however it's spelled) -- and oh yeah, the wine:). Lots of good, fresh, organic, non-processed foods with no crap in them, but still, too much is too much. So I'm in that "bloat" place right too. So I'm drinking lots of water, which I try to do anyway, take extra walks and exercise, etc. My experience has been it does even out and you find you're not over indulging as much as you used to. Don't be hard on yourself and just get back on that D Horse! :)

  2. Thanks Regan! I do feel better today and finally got the guts to weigh myself. I haven't lost any weight this week (so far), but I haven't gained any either.