Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 5

I have finally caught up this blog to now.  I did my weigh in earlier today and had lost the pound I gained back in week 4 and one extra!  Obviously, I was much more careful and stuck to my 1200 calorie per day limit, except for 1 day.

That 1 day over was Britton's (my SO) fault.  We were out shopping and he just had to have lunch at Captain D's.  The "D" in that definitely doesn't stand for diet.  I don't think there is one low cal thing on their menu and that is including salads.  I was starving and ended up getting the chicken dinner (oh yes, I do love fried chicken), baked potato (love those too!) and coleslaw.  However, I did only eat 2 of the 5 chicken strips, about 3/4 of the baked potato, 1 bite of the coleslaw and I couldn't resist the two hushpuppies.  I saved the rest and brought it home.  Just didn't have the willpower to throw it away.  I will have to be careful finishing it over two days because it could easily send me over my limit again.

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